A Morning at the Mobile Botanical Gardens

I recently visited the Mobile Botanical Gardens with my son! We were greeted by one of the on-site cats, provided some fish food for the little pond, and encouraged to head up the hill to visit the chickens. If that doesn’t entice you, it is also leashed-dog friendly!

The Mobile Botanical Gardens are known for their stunning and picturesque camellias. I strongly encourage you to read this article by the Smithsonian Institute Community of Gardens, which explains how camellias got their start in Alabama thanks to Kosaku Sawada, who went on to develop many beautiful hybrids.

A hungry and hard-working bee

The Mobile Botanical Gardens have been around since the 1970s. In 2019, they faced a closure due to lack of funds. I couldn’t find any documents online with details on raising the funds, but the community succeeded in one way or another because it is still open.

Gardens are an integral component of the community experience – many offer classes on gardening or food preparation, hold music events, and overall are an accessible and relatively inexpensive location to rejuvenate and enjoy nature. Where I live, the botanical gardens are located near a popular area within the city as well as within walking distance to a bus stop.

And a bonus – botanical gardens are often not crowded. Family-friendly and socially-distancing friendly!

Explore more at https://mobilebotanicalgardens.org/ and on their social media. This location is also part of the reciprocal admissions program.

Bonus content!

After the gardens, we did a to-go/curbside pickup order from Mobile’s one and only The Cheese Cottage to take home and share with family.

How scrumptious is that? I am down with almost any charcuterie situation. One day I’d like to eat there in-person to get the entire cheese and wine experience.

Safe travels, friends!

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