Meet Me in Madrid

Meet Me in Madrid by Verity Lowell is a LGBTQ+ romance full of flavor, sensuality, and tantalizing drama.

“Delectable” is the word I would use to describe Meet Me in Madrid.

Charlotte and Adrianna knew each other in college, and despite their secret attractions to one another, weren’t close enough to get to know each other better.

Fast forward many years, and Charlotte and Adrianna both find themselves in Madrid. When a storm hits and Charlotte’s flight out of Madrid is delayed a few days, she ends up staying with Adrianna.

Charlotte is a museum courier – which, despite this article, sounds kinda cool, not gonna lie – and Adrianna works in academia – which sounds extremely cool.

As their rendezvous progresses into a full-blown, long-distance relationship, they both have to make decisions about what’s best for themselves in terms of their careers and love lives.

In Meet Me in Madrid, I could relate a lot to Charlotte, who was busting her behind and hoping to go through a career change. I started grad school in 2020, and left the military in 2021, so to say “career change” is an understatement.

Adrianna’s character seemed so cool. Here she is in Madrid – her work is researching and studying and writing. Sign me up for that! It’s hard work, but so rewarding. She makes a pretty cool discovery, too. No spoilers!

Overall, I love that the plot centered around two women who were passionate about their careers and love lives. Recognizing our own values and goals greatly determines the decisions we make in regard to work and relationships.

I cannot recall reading any other books that include Madrid as a primary setting, so that was a perk for me. I liked Lowell’s writing style. Her descriptions of music and food and scenery made the story almost tangible.

With an assortment of secondary characters to round out Charlotte and Adrianna and aid in the chaos that is life, this book was a quick and engaging read.

I’m honestly surprised this book only has an average of 3.31 stars on Goodreads and 3.9 on Amazon. In another romance I recently tried to read, I couldn’t even get past the first chapter, and that book had thousands and thousands of high reviews. Meet Me in Madrid is a gem hiding in the romance genre.

To learn more about Verity Lowell, visit her website and check out this interview with BookPage.

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