First story published!

I am officially a published author. My novella, Dear Meri Winters, released on July 8th as an independently published book. It has been uploaded to KDP so can be purchased on Kindle, and I am waiting for it publish to various distributors through Draft2Digital. This contemporary holiday romance novella is first standalone book in theContinue reading “First story published!”

Happy Vappu!

May 1st is Vappu Day in Finland! Of course, they start celebrating the day before 🙂 According to the site Open Holidays, “The Finnish name ‘Vappu’ originates from an 8th-century German saint called Walpurgis, who was canonised on May 1st 870 AD.” I’ve read it has roots in paganism, upper class families, and later becameContinue reading “Happy Vappu!”

An Evening with Dasha Kelly

The evening was intimate. If intimate can be me, one of my friends, and dozens of other area residents. From the moment Dasha spoke, I was hooked. Her words made me think, laugh, tear up. It felt personal. Dasha Kelly Hamilton’s ability to convey feeling and emotion in her words was transfixing. As an anonymousContinue reading “An Evening with Dasha Kelly”

The Homing Instinct

The Homing Instinct by Bernd Heinrich is a collection of essays on animal migration and home-building and what it means to be at home. Today’s blog post is the third in my bibliotherapy/self-development series. The idea of home resonated with me when I saw this book at the library because I have moved a fairContinue reading “The Homing Instinct”

Daily Observations #96

The title is misleading. I have not made daily observations for 96 days in a row. Maybe I should. I’m doing an exercise in awareness and non-fiction writing. I’m writing what I see. I’m letting words flow. In one of her books, Natalie Goldberg tells a story that involves her and her friend sitting inContinue reading “Daily Observations #96”

Amish Grace

Hi, fellow readers! Today’s book blog post is about the non-fiction book Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy. I first heard of this book when watching a Badger Talks presentation entitled “Who are the Amish?” It was hosted by the Augusta Memorial Public Library and presented by University of Wisconsin Professor Mark Louden (who isContinue reading “Amish Grace”

Catherine House

Today’s book review is of Elisabeth Thomas’s debut novel Catherine House. I read this novel as an e-book, and the cover is so lovely and I liked the story so much that I am going to be buying a physical book for my collection. I don’t care if I there isn’t enough room on myContinue reading “Catherine House”

The Truth About Grief

This book discussion/review about The Truth About Grief is the second blog post in my bibliotherapy and self-development series. In this series of blog posts, I will post about some non-fiction works I’m reading and what I get out of them, as well as how I think they are helpful and useful. Fiction books areContinue reading “The Truth About Grief”

The Secret Power of Middle Children

The Secret Power of Middle Children: How Middleborns Can Harness Their Unexpected and Remarkable Abilities by Catherine Salmon, PhD, and Katrin Schumann is the first book I’m exploring in my bibliotherapy and self-development series. It is a research-backed exploration of the feelings and actions that middleborns make in the world. With regards to relationships amongContinue reading “The Secret Power of Middle Children”