Happy Vappu!

May 1st is Vappu Day in Finland! Of course, they start celebrating the day before 🙂 According to the site Open Holidays, “The Finnish name ‘Vappu’ originates from an 8th-century German saint called Walpurgis, who was canonised on May 1st 870 AD.” I’ve read it has roots in paganism, upper class families, and later becameContinue reading “Happy Vappu!”

Daily Observations #96

The title is misleading. I have not made daily observations for 96 days in a row. Maybe I should. I’m doing an exercise in awareness and non-fiction writing. I’m writing what I see. I’m letting words flow. In one of her books, Natalie Goldberg tells a story that involves her and her friend sitting inContinue reading “Daily Observations #96”

The Secret Power of Middle Children

The Secret Power of Middle Children: How Middleborns Can Harness Their Unexpected and Remarkable Abilities by Catherine Salmon, PhD, and Katrin Schumann is the first book I’m exploring in my bibliotherapy and self-development series. It is a research-backed exploration of the feelings and actions that middleborns make in the world. With regards to relationships amongContinue reading “The Secret Power of Middle Children”

What’s new?

Hello friends! It has been a couple months since my last post. This past summer, I separated from the military, sold my house, and moved across the country. In September, I began a new job that I was excited for – perhaps too excited. The organization itself ended up not being a good fit. MyContinue reading “What’s new?”

Letters to an Author: Dear Michael Crichton

This is the first of a series called Letters to an Author. What authors have influenced and inspired you? What did you like or dislike about them? How did they change how you perceive the world? * * * Dear Michael Crichton, For making sci-fi feel accessible, I thank you. I have never considered myselfContinue reading “Letters to an Author: Dear Michael Crichton”

30 Favorites for My 30th Birthday

Happy Friday, friends! Today is my 30TH BIRTHDAY! Despite social distancing, life still shows up in little ways – not only did I manage to get an AMAZING parking spot at work (we all now how good that feeling is!), I also received an appreciation award at work today! Then on the way home weContinue reading “30 Favorites for My 30th Birthday”

The Orchid Graveyard

Me: Hey, do you remember when you asked me to watch your aloe plant while you were on vacation? Friend: Yeah… he never really recovered after that. Oops. My bad. I soooo wanted to be one of those people with a green thumb. I wanted vines hanging by the windows and giant fig leaf treesContinue reading “The Orchid Graveyard”

The Ecocritic

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I was blessed to be surrounded by trees, the sweet smell of hay, and some avid skiers. Thanks to my body’s sometimes-painful aversion to the cold, I didn’t quite take advantage of everything the outdoors had to offer, but the good news is there is much to be offered! DespiteContinue reading “The Ecocritic”

The Coveter

What is the deal with wanderlust? When I was briefly on the Tinder, it seemed like every guy was looking for a picture-perfect girl who would be up for spontaneous adventures to anywhere as if they had no other earthly obligations. In the wise words of Ariana Grande, “Thank you, next.” But there is somethingContinue reading “The Coveter”