Bibliotherapy and Me (and You)

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Do not take medical advice from this post or any Oak & River Books content. Please reach out to a medical professional if you have questions, need advice, or want help. This is for entertainment purposes only. I encourage you to do your own search into any topicContinue reading “Bibliotherapy and Me (and You)”

What’s new?

Hello friends! It has been a couple months since my last post. This past summer, I separated from the military, sold my house, and moved across the country. In September, I began a new job that I was excited for – perhaps too excited. The organization itself ended up not being a good fit. MyContinue reading “What’s new?”

5 Things I Learned in My First Month of Blogging

Hi, friends! To commemorate my first month of blogging, I wanted to write about my experience and five things I’ve learned so far. Oak + River Books is not a blog about blogging. I will probably never write a post on how to make a six figure salary while working from home and raising aContinue reading “5 Things I Learned in My First Month of Blogging”