An Evening with Dasha Kelly

The evening was intimate. If intimate can be me, one of my friends, and dozens of other area residents. From the moment Dasha spoke, I was hooked. Her words made me think, laugh, tear up. It felt personal. Dasha Kelly Hamilton’s ability to convey feeling and emotion in her words was transfixing. As an anonymousContinue reading “An Evening with Dasha Kelly”

Author Q+A with Alma Gray

Alma Gray is the pseudonym of Serenity Brame and the author behind Lucid Lies, a self-described collection of dark and passionate poetry. Released in 2020, Lucid Lies was a work years in the making and explores the rawest parts of ourselves. Poetry can be used to both escape and explore reality. I like to thinkContinue reading “Author Q+A with Alma Gray”