Into the Abaddon and Author Q+A

Wesley Newman makes his published novel debut with science fantasy novel Into the Abaddon. Read on for details about the book, my thoughts, and a special guest interview with author Wesley Newman! The BookVincent, Sarah, Grace, and Karl are working together on a teleportation project when Vincent finally makes a breakthrough. After his work isContinue reading “Into the Abaddon and Author Q+A”

Brave Love by A. M. Kusi

In today’s post, we have a review of Brave Love and a Q+A with Ash and Marcus Kusi, the husband-and-wife duo who comprise A. M. Kusi and have over a dozen stories under their belts. Brave Love Brave Love is part of A. M. Kusi’s Shattered Cove Series and can be read as a standalone.Continue reading “Brave Love by A. M. Kusi”

Q+A and Review! Sequenced by Elayna R. Gallea

Happy publication day to Sequenced, Book 1 of the Sequencing Chronicles! In today’s post, you’ll get a synopsis of Sequenced, my review, and a Q+A with our special guest, Sequencing Chronicles author Elayna R. Gallea! As with all citizens of Tiarny, Nellie is due to be sequenced when she turns 18. The sequencing process placesContinue reading “Q+A and Review! Sequenced by Elayna R. Gallea”

Ricochet Day & Q+A with Noel Silvia

Everything we do, even the smallest of things, matters.” With Ricochet Day, author Noel Silvia delivers another sweeping tale of the interconnectedness of humankind. The stories we tell, the memories we collect, and the encounters we share with others reach farther than we can imagine. The further you delve into Ricochet Day, the more theContinue reading “Ricochet Day & Q+A with Noel Silvia”

Teacher Appreciation Week feat. Special Guest Danielle Diamond Nepstad

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! As the week comes to a close, think back to your own teachers. Who inspired you to be who you are today? Many of us have at least one teacher that we remember fondly and know they deserve some credit for how we turned out. There are a few teachers fromContinue reading “Teacher Appreciation Week feat. Special Guest Danielle Diamond Nepstad”

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Q+A with Hannah!

Bloom where you’re planted. Today’s post explores the benefits of houseplants and gardening. Gardening can be rewarding mentally, physically, spiritually, and even economically. Bringing the outside in brightens up living spaces and helps with air quality – not to mention the sweet scents of the flowers! Read on to explore Hannah’s love of plants –Continue reading “Bloom Where You’re Planted: Q+A with Hannah!”

Author Q+A with Alma Gray

Alma Gray is the pseudonym of Serenity Brame and the author behind Lucid Lies, a self-described collection of dark and passionate poetry. Released in 2020, Lucid Lies was a work years in the making and explores the rawest parts of ourselves. Poetry can be used to both escape and explore reality. I like to thinkContinue reading “Author Q+A with Alma Gray”

Where Light Enters & Q+A with Author Noel Silvia

Where Light Enters is a powerful and moving debut by emerging author Noel Silvia. Read on for my review and a mini Q+A with the author where he shares his inspiration for the novel and his favorite authors! After a lifeless body is discovered by the river, readers are led back in time to meetContinue reading “Where Light Enters & Q+A with Author Noel Silvia”

Special Guest Q+A with Mecca Ilminen

Happy Sunday, friends! This is what I plan to be the first of many special guest Q+A sessions for Oak + River Books. Today’s is extra special because Mecca Ilminen – my sister, an eclectic spirit, and the family forager – is sharing her truths on growing up in the Midwest, edible plants, and creativeContinue reading “Special Guest Q+A with Mecca Ilminen”