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Dear Meri Winters: A Felicity Falls Holiday Romance

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The fictional town of Felicity Falls, Colorado is the setting of the Felicity Falls Novella Series. While the characters are connected, each story can be read as a standalone.

Dear Tessa Mitchell is scheduled for release in 2023. Tessa is the owner of Felicity Falls Café and Bakery. Love brews after Tessa convinces Karla – local caterer and Tessa’s crush – to help with a Valentine’s Day dinner… But Karla has been hurt in the past. Will Tessa have to put aside her feelings to work with a colleague, or can Karla overcome her fears to make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable yet?

Ebook cover for Dear Meri Winters by author Paxton Evers which features a red background with snowflakes, colorful lights, and a plus-size woman with shopping bags.

Dear Meri Winters, A Holiday Romance

After Meri Winters develops real feelings for her fake boyfriend, she breaks up with him and heads to the Colorado mountains for a holiday reprieve. A week of bubble baths, carefree dining, and solitude is just what she needs. She has it all planned out until her at-home chef arrives and things start to heat up inside and outside of the kitchen.
Jaylen Brodbeck is an at-home chef who is too focused on his career to worry about love. When he learns that his upcoming couple’s reservation has become a solo client, he isn’t deterred in the slightest – until he meets Meri in person and realizes his priorities have been all wrong.
Sparks fly when Meri and Jaylen are snowed in together in a quaint mountain cabin, but will they end the holiday together or will they ignore the longings of their hearts?
Dear Meri Winters is Book 1 in the Felicity Falls Novella Series – all of the books can be read as standalones but will have interconnected characters.

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