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Into the Abaddon and Author Q+A

Wesley Newman makes his published novel debut with science fantasy novel Into the Abaddon. Read on for details about the book, my thoughts, and a special guest interview with author Wesley Newman! The BookVincent, Sarah, Grace, and Karl are working together on a teleportation project when Vincent finally makes a breakthrough. After his work is… Continue reading Into the Abaddon and Author Q+A

Q+A and Review! Sequenced by Elayna R. Gallea

Happy publication day to Sequenced, Book 1 of the Sequencing Chronicles! In today’s post, you’ll get a synopsis of Sequenced, my review, and a Q+A with our special guest, Sequencing Chronicles author Elayna R. Gallea! As with all citizens of Tiarny, Nellie is due to be sequenced when she turns 18. The sequencing process places… Continue reading Q+A and Review! Sequenced by Elayna R. Gallea

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Q+A with Hannah!

Bloom where you’re planted. Today’s post explores the benefits of houseplants and gardening. Gardening can be rewarding mentally, physically, spiritually, and even economically. Bringing the outside in brightens up living spaces and helps with air quality – not to mention the sweet scents of the flowers! Read on to explore Hannah’s love of plants –… Continue reading Bloom Where You’re Planted: Q+A with Hannah!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, WordPress fam! My first week of blogging was fun! I’m excited to share more in the future, finalize my posting schedule, and really hone my thoughts and messages. I love sharing information with others and giving them the tools to explore on their own. This weekend I’m planning to post a special guest… Continue reading Happy Friday!