First story published!

I am officially a published author. My novella, Dear Meri Winters, released on July 8th as an independently published book. It has been uploaded to KDP so can be purchased on Kindle, and I am waiting for it publish to various distributors through Draft2Digital. This contemporary holiday romance novella is first standalone book in theContinue reading “First story published!”

Daily Observations #96

The title is misleading. I have not made daily observations for 96 days in a row. Maybe I should. I’m doing an exercise in awareness and non-fiction writing. I’m writing what I see. I’m letting words flow. In one of her books, Natalie Goldberg tells a story that involves her and her friend sitting inContinue reading “Daily Observations #96”

What’s new?

Hello friends! It has been a couple months since my last post. This past summer, I separated from the military, sold my house, and moved across the country. In September, I began a new job that I was excited for – perhaps too excited. The organization itself ended up not being a good fit. MyContinue reading “What’s new?”

The World’s Most Low-Key Writing Club: “What Would I Change About Myself”

This post comes from prompt 1 in a writing group I am in with a friend called the World’s Most Low-Key Writing Club. It’s a 10-minute writing exercise. I didn’t do any editing so it’s very raw but very real. Content warning: stress eating, body image I’m sharing this prompt in particular because I thinkContinue reading “The World’s Most Low-Key Writing Club: “What Would I Change About Myself””

Letters to an Author: Dear Michael Crichton

This is the first of a series called Letters to an Author. What authors have influenced and inspired you? What did you like or dislike about them? How did they change how you perceive the world? * * * Dear Michael Crichton, For making sci-fi feel accessible, I thank you. I have never considered myselfContinue reading “Letters to an Author: Dear Michael Crichton”

Writer Igniter Prompt: The Masked Magician

Good morning, friends! Today’s post is inspired by the diyMFA writer igniter. I have used this tool a handful of times and want to start using it more to build my writing habit. diyMFA offers tons of info on writing, reading, and building your community. You will love it! Today I am sharing a shortContinue reading “Writer Igniter Prompt: The Masked Magician”